Tournament Schedule

Tournament Schedule

2021 Moses Lake Golf Club Tournament Schedule:

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March 22nd                      Monday                   Aerification(Course Closed)

April 17th                        Saturday                  Men's Field Day

May 1st                            Saturday                  Ladies Spring Field Day

May 15th-16th                  Sat-Sun.                  Men's Member-Member

May 31st                           Monday                   Memorial Day Couples Scramble

June 5th-6th                    Sat-Sun.                  Men's Senior Club Championship

June 9th-11th                   Wed-Fri.                   Ladies Desert Oasis Invitational

June 26th                         Saturday                  Lynden Tourney

July 4th                            Sunday                     Russ Hansen Junior Golf Benefit Scramble

July 5th                            Monday                    CWC PGA PRO AM 

July 26th                          Monday                    John Bernard Memorial Tourney

July 30th-31st                  Fri-Sat.                   Ladies MGM

August 4th-7th                Wed-Sat.                  Men's Invitational (Member/Guest)

August 14th                      Saturday                  Ladies Presidents Trophy

August 21st-22nd            Sat-Sun.                  Jenison/Winegar 2 Person Scramble 

September 11th-12th       Sat-Sun.                  Sagebrush Shootout Couples Chapman

September 18th                Saturday                 Ladies Fall Field Day

September TBD                   TBD                      Men's Fall Field Day (Guest Welcome)

October 5th-8th               Tues-Fri.                Hunters Invitational

To schedule a golf tournament call our Pro Shop at (509)765-5049 or email our Director of Golf at